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About Field Service News:

Welcome to the online home of Field Service News, Europe’s leading business magazine dedicated to field service professionals and the field service industries.

Essentially we do exactly what it says on the tin, we report on the news from the field service industries but lets take a minute to explore that in a little bit more detail shall we.

What exactly are the field service industries?

Traditionally when we think of field service we think of industry verticals such as telecoms, utilities and perhaps cabling etc. However, if we think about it field service, by it’s very definition is all encompassing, it’s every where, and in all verticals. In an age of ever evolving enterprise mobility, how many companies don’t have staff that work remotely?

Field service engineers are everywhere. Just think of a your journey to work to realise where they are. Catch the bus? If your bus stop has an electric timetable it is a field service engineer that gets called out to fix it when it breaks. Catching the train? It is a field service engineer that will be called out to fix a faulty escalator, lift or ticket barrier. How about if you drive to work? In the petrol station alone there are a huge number of items that may need a field service engineers attention. The automatic door on the way in, a cash point, a coffee machine, heck even the toilets and the air conditioning – in every place we visit it seems there are numerous different reasons we could need a field service engineer.

Yet whether your field service engineers fix coffee machines or a jumbo jet engines the challenges of managing a team of field service workers remains often remarkably the same…

The common challenges of field service management

Essentially we at Field Service News see the aims and goals of field service management as relatively straightforward. Getting the right field service engineer, to the right job, with the right parts required for that job as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The end game of course being to increase the amount of first time fixes and reduce the amount of hours where field engineers are travelling between jobs because whilst field service engineers are essential to keeping the world running smoothly they are also often the biggest cost to a company too.

This simple ethos of what makes a good field service operation hasn’t changed that much over the years, however, what has changed and is forever driving technology is the field service technology that sits at the heart of many of the features on Field Service News.

Field Service Technologies…

Technology has sat at the heart of field service operations for a number of years and now many field service companies are in their third, fourth or even fifth iteration of a field service management solution.

Generally such a solution will comprise both a hardware and software element and there are differing solutions to suit companies with field service operations of varying size and function.

For example if your field engineer’s work in an environment such as oil rigs, then they will likely need a rugged computing devices of some form that can not only survive a few drops and shocks but also a good soaking and salty air. However, the likelihood is they won’t be doing more than one job a day so from the software side of things you probably won’t need to be investing in a dynamic scheduling engine that optimises your engineers’ daily job list in real-time, adapting to any changes to schedule along the way.

If you have a thousand field service engineers making seven jobs a day however the benefits of such a system can be the difference between delivering best in class levels of field service or falling behind the competition.

The evolution of field service…

However, it’s not just about the technology. Field Service industries are evolving in terms of business models and strategies also.

For example Servitization is a huge trend that sees the traditional approach of the manufacturer, whereby there is an initial transactional relationship followed by a maintenance led package of field service is abandoned, in favour of an approach that is focussed purely on creating products with the aim of developing service or outcome based revenues on an ongoing basis.

On a simpler basis there is the shift for field service operations moving from cost centre to profit centre. And at the heart of this the ongoing conversation of how field service companies can harness the power of the ‘trusted adviser’ status of their engineers.

Field Service News – an unparrelleled resource for field service professionals

Indeed those working in field service are working in an ever shifting and evolving world. Field Service News is the field service sector’s central hub designed to help field service professionals both understand the latest developments in technology and business strategy and also how to implement these within their own businesses.

With a mix of webinars, videos, podcasts, white papers, independent research studies, and articles from the industries leading thinkers including Aly Pinder, Nick Frank, Bill Pollock and Kris Oldland, Field Service News delivers this insight to you in the format you find the most accessible. And for those based in Europe there is a bi-monthly print product which has all thed latest features published before they appear online.

So who should be subscribing to field service news?  

Field Service News is written for the field service community and as such should be of interest of any field service professional however those working in field service operations (field service managers/directors etc) or those working in IT for a company with a field service operations (CTO, CIO, IT Director) or finally those working in senior management executive roles (Managing Director, CEO etc) again for a company with a field service operation will find subscription to Field Service News the most valuable.

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