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What we offer:

Field Service News offers three tiers of subscription: 

  • FSN Standard - a forever free subscription tier that keeps you updated with the latest features via a weekly newsletter and provides a selection of monthly FSN Premium resources. 
  • FSN Premium - full access to our entire online resource library, our bi-monthy print magazine sent to you anywhere in the world and 50% discount to FSN Live! 
  • FSN Elite - an industry-wide community platform based around guided peer to peer knowledge sharing.

FSN Elite members can access:
  • Weekly interactive discussion sessions hosted online hosted by a wide group of industry leaders in a genuinely collaborative environment built to foster the sharing of best practices and good ideas to help continue to drive service standards across the entire field service sector.
  • The Field Service News Masterclass program - an exclusive series of online courses each designed to give you the framework for improving aspects of your field service operations or your ability to be a truly exceptional service leader. 
  • Dedicated FSN Elite forums for further discussion. 
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Who are our subscribers?

Field Service News is solely focused on the field service sector, so all of our subscribers are working within this field. Our subscribers come from a wide range of industries however including: Manufacturing, Oil and Gas, Utilities, Power Generation, Telecommunications, Transportation, IT Networking and Infrastructure, Healthcare, Government and many, many others. Essentially,  if your organisation operates a field workforce, or provides services to companies that do, then the content of field service then you will find the content relevant. 

Due to the niche focus of field service news, our content is written with a reasonable assumption of knowledge from our subscribers and a breakdown of the seniority of our subscribers is as follows:

  • C-Suite and Global leadership - 20% 
  • Service Director - 45%
  • Service Manager - 35% 


Who publishes Field Service News?

Field Service News is published by 1927 Media Ltd an independent publisher based in London. Field Service News is our only publication so our focus is 100% on service the field service sector. Field Service News was launched in 2013 by Kris Oldland who remains in place as Editor-in-Chief.


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